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July 08, 2007


The stinky couch can sometimes be a nice place to sit if it has the best views. Your chair and cough though look comfy!

All my favourite spots are stinky spots thanks to the menagerie. I like the two seater.

I love the oversized chair and would sit in it just the way you do.

The bird watching sofa looks very comfy too.

Your chair looks comfy except I would pass on the stinky spot. :)

I'm about ready to come over and curl up on your oversized chair!! It looks so comfortable!! Happy Monday!

I love your oversized chair as well. I would even sit on your stinky spot to look at birds. I have a black lab and he is stubborn about sitting on my sofa.

I fear that I pretty much always smell like dog. Sigh...

yeah.. my pj's always smell like zoe because I sit there when I wake early ... she and I watch the birds

All of your spots do look comfy and cozy. Having a sun porch must be fabulous.

What, smelling like a dog is a bad thing?

Nice over sized chair.

Hey! I have a very similar couch and chair, but I don't have a dog like that.

Have a great vacation. Someday I'll get there. I think my daughter's varsity cheer competition will be at Disneyworld in 2008 and even if we can only afford for me to go- I'm riding the rides!!!


i sit like that in chairs to.. funny;)

The couch and chair look VERY comfortable!

I love the stinky couch!! Zoe looks very possessive. Jasper has a blanket that he lays on when I'm on the computer. I can't believe how stinky that blanket gets! Jasper never smells that bad!!

Enjoyed catching up on your blog. Life is almost back to normal so I should be able to keep up better in the near future.

Zoe is beautiful!

and hey, as long as you smell like YOUR dog, that's cool :)

I agree with your pooch! Those sofas look sooooooooo comfy. I'll be over after while for a nap.

Thanks for sharing!

Happy Fun Monday

I love to sit that way too. I've never been very lady like! :-)

Really nice big chair to relax!

"Akimbo" describes how you sit. "Akimbo" describes my life. Love that big chair. Looks good for snugglin'. Are there comfortable places that don't smell like a dog?
The way I see it, if you don't like my dogs, get off their couch(es).

your are right Karmyn its the Columbia River....I always mix those up for some reason. Also it was late when I posted it.

I was gonna comment on "akimbo" but Swampy beat me to it :) started your post off with a smile.

Gosh, those look like COMFORTABLE chairs! We don't have anything overstuffed, but seeing especially your first one makes me want one...or two.

You sound so stinkin' cute with your legs hanging over the edge...I wish we had pics of YOU in 'em to complete the image :).

Can I have your chair?? It looks like I could just fall in it and never come out! Soo comfy!! Sunni

A home with animals needs a little stinkiness. It looks like you could just sink into all your furniture.

Beautiful dog!!! Cozy chair.

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