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May 22, 2007


Congratulations on your 400th post, I like your Weekly Delight.

Either way is fine with me. If you have the Fun Monday on May 28, some (like me) may have more time because of the three day weekend. However, some may have less time for blogging and creating Fun Monday posts because of family events and commitments. On the other hand, some may wish to opt out for reverence to Memorial Day. If we wait till, June 4th that will give is more time to create our post. No wait, I will still procrastinate.

Congratulations on your 400th post I often wonder if I will run out of steam before I get there. Re- Fun mon I'm sitting on the fence as I don't mind; will check back to see what you decide.

I say take a week break. People are probably going to be busy and not have a lot of time.

Congrats on your 400th post, Karymn!

Thanks for the birdie link; that was a pretty neat post about the osprey and gosling (it really did look like the osprey had it in it's talons!)

Last time, which was also the first and only time, I participated in a Fun Monday I was tagged by a total stranger to post a picture of myself in the morning prior to caffiene. I'm not sure I want to play again after that; sounds like a dangerous game to me! =)

Congratulations! I'm not even to 100 posts yet, ha!
I'm up for either date, as well.

...and I remember your first 100...

** s i g h ** time flies :)!

We're out of town for the Memorial Weekend. I will not be taking my laptop. We're having a temporary "break".

That means I vote for you hosting the following week 'cause I sure would hate missing YOUR FM :).

But, as usual, do what's best for you (and the masses) :).

Congratulations on your 400 posts. With regard to Fun Monday I'm around next Monday then missing for three Mondays as I'm going on my holiday!

Congrats on 400, Karmyn!!

I agree on the week break - I won't be back blogging until next Wednesday at the earliest.

Congratulations on 400 posts! Wahoo!

four hundred. wow.

Im heading into 300 soon...

Wow-weee!! Congrats!! You prolific diva, you!!

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