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May 28, 2007


So glad you liked it! I was trying to figure something out since we actually live in the same state it wouldn't be much fun to send something from know.
I did notice you liked chocolate and when I saw the canle and beads to pour in to make chocalate waffle as the smell I knew what I was going to do! Anyway glad you liked it!

The only thing better would have been if the rhino was chocolate too. A full sized chocolate Rhino..

He will definitely think you have lost your mind but haven't we all.

Mmmmm chocolate, what a fab package.

That looks like choc heaven and those peppermint patties are soo yummy. Full size choc rhino now that would be something!!

I heard something about a life sized chocolate rhino and came as fast as I could.

Ohhhh - the Peppermint Patties! ! ! I am addicted! ! !

Ooooh chocolate *looks at it greedily*

Oooh, I was thinking chocolate rhino, too, but was too slow to make the first comment. That rhino is just about the coolest thing. Ever.

That Golden Rhino is so cool! Love it, LOL.

If you need any help with that chocolate, give me a call ;)

Wow...the coveted Golden Rhino? I'm speechless, and I didn't even win it...

You're such a winner. Listen to Jenny. I once saw this film about a board game, and there were live Rhinos and Elephants too.

You're such a winner. Listen to Jenny. I once saw this film about a board game, and there were live Rhinos and Elephants too.

Dear karmyn. What a great couple of packages. I won't comment on the chocolate - i'll just get too hungry - but I LOVE the rhino! That's just mad, man!

ROFLOL! Golden Rhino! That is money! :^D

Thanks for linkin' Apronpalooza in your side bar!

The golden rhino! See, aren't you glad you didn't win the wild squirrel award? Golden rhino = priceless.

Speaking of Secret Swap gifts...I got yours today! Thank you so much. I LOVE the shampoo/body wash! Where do you buy that? I already know I will need more.

Gold Rhino!?! What a crummy gift.
Chocolate!?! Now that's something to cherish!!

Hmmmmm, I received the best EVAH non-edible chocolate surprise from none other than YOU! You could wash the golden rhino in it and then maybe it would taste better.

Or not ;).

COOL to do these swap thingies. I've got one coming up with the tea party people, which, dang it, reminds me I think I was supposed to add something to my sidebar.


Oh that Rhino is so cool! Congratulations! As for the chocolate, I'm with you on the Peppermint Patties-- low fat and yummy!

My husband's favorite animal is the rhino, so he wouldn't have a problem with the trophy, which i think is way cool!

I think your going ot have to guard your choclate here otherwise it will disappear

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