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May 22, 2007


Ironically, the only piece of furniture my husband was "allowed" to hold onto after we tied the knot was a table he made in 8th grade shop class!!! Maybe I'll just take a picture of that ;)

Oiy. Crafty. Ok. I'm joining but I don't know about the fun part. Maybe I'll make something out of popsicle sticks.

I'm in.

Where is that potholder from 3rd grade?

Yay! Finally a chance to show off all of the halloween costumes I made for my kids!

Of course, I'm in...assuming brain / computer engages on next monday. :P

Btw, terrific poem you had for the last FM.

now, I'veb gotta figure what to pick...hmmmmmmmmmmmm :dashes out:

Dear karmyn. OOohh Me me! I can so do this one, even in Ukraine :o)

Generally, I am not a crafty person. Ooh, we have an extra week. There must be something that I have crafted around the house. Okay, count me in.

Oh no, I've just discovered a new craft and have lots of pictures to show off but I'll be sunning myself in France on the 4th!

Brilliant idea, I'm sad to miss that one!

I think I'll post it this Monday instead, is that ok?

Count me in.

I'm in, providing I can find the proper box. See we moved a few months ago and most of my craft things are still packed. :( But I'm sure I can do it (esp with the extra week), probably even more than one. :)

crafty .... ouch.

Oh yeah, count me in.

OK I'm in. See you on the 4th!

I'm in! See you then!

Yep, I will be there, partying Fun Monday style.

oh dear have I got anything I've made not sure but count me in.

I'm in, though I'm sure my craft will be cr@p!

Oh cool I like this one! count me in!

I'M IN...glad you're waiting :)

popped over here from Ms. Cellania - count me in.

Okay I want to try and play. I'm going to make an effort to get this done. count me in

Count me in!!! I have two weeks...plenty of time! Does real art count?


Count me in!

I would love to do this. I don't think I can think of anything at my house that I made. I may need to make something during the next week.

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