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May 23, 2007


Dear karmyn. Oh no. I really hope they enjoyed them :( on your behalf.

I'm tellin' ya - I've always said you should be allowed to take em out if they're on your property! They've eaten EVERY.SINGLE.BLOOM off of all 6 of my azaleas! Who even knew they LIKED azaleas? I was so mad!!!!!!!! I'm considering taking up bow hunting, but given my lackluster aim...and the fact that I have three kids...well, it's probably not the best hobby at this stage in my life :D

We should declare war.

Gosh I cannot imagine having to worry about deer eating the garden produce- poor you and you can't do anything to protect your property from such an invasion!!

I like your title of this post...I can already see and hear the chase!

Don't they know they should give peas a chance?? :P

Get 'em, Karmyn!

I never liked peas much anyway.

mama told you to build a fence... oh yeah....

Put a tall pole in the garden and hand a wind chime from it.. the noise scares off "some animals" (no guarantees).. also put some waiste high poles in the ground and attach a tinfoil pie plate on a string to each one.. they blow in the wind and "movement" scares animals off too.... it's that or a very tall fence!

Dude that sucks!! it's the rabbits where i live.. the dogs chase them out most often though;) or eat them *ouch*

You've probably tried everything imaginable, but just in case-check out that deer repellent made of egg solids. It has no scent, is completely natural, and I'm pretty sure doesn't harm people. (But I would double check that first, obviously). We don't go in for pest repellents often but when we moved here last year the deer (yes! In our neighborhood!) were eating all of the new growth off of our roses and our newly planted fruit trees. It worked very well.

That just makes me mad. If I had planted peas I would share mine with you. Hey, if you want to share my roma beans when they ripen-come on over!!

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