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May 30, 2007


Don't forget "Sequim" - ha!

Actually, I know how to pronounce many of these even though I moved away in 1986. I love how people try to pronounce names around here as well.

Mogollon Rim
Canyon de Chelly
Prescott (around these parts, it rhymes with "biscuit")

I had to go next door to find a good one.

Iowa answers: Pottawattamie

I won't even try to say any of those out loud! Yikes... down here in California there are a lot of Spanish names where the letter J is pronounced with the sound of W. It is always fun when the radio stations get a new employee from out of state doing the traffic reports.

I wish I could say I was from "Huma Huma"

Florida has some good ones too. I have to agree with Devon about the Cali names though...and the Js. Near hear there's a town called Ojai- pronounced O-hi. I kept calling it OJ till someone enlightened me.

Ooh, I wish I had kept a list while in Ireland. There are some really good ones there, too. Of course, I have misplaced my Irish roadmap at the present moment and can think of no examples. Anything with "hooly" or "bally" or "licky" usually gave me the giggles for starters.

I wish there was a little pronunciation booklet that comes with a move to Oregon. I've been having trouble with some names around here. I just avoid saying them out loud, but eventually you just have to.

Chemeketa is one I still have trouble with.

But I have finally learned to pronounce: Champoeg. Ha ha!

my favorite town in Oregon is DRAIN

I've never been there, but I suspect I would pull the plug and get sent home.

These comments are as funny as your list! Snorts to Pamela and Claudia :).

You know from having mailed me a prize pack that my current hometown is unpronounceable...took me a year to feel comfortable saying it correctly versus the way it's spelled.

BTW, how far apart do you and Pamela live from each other?

Dear karmyn. That's like me on the highway in Australia! I can't think of any interesting names at the mo thought. Sigh. Unimaginative.

I grew up in San Antonio so we had some weird names, but my favorite was Welfare Texas-- on passing, you realized the name fit it quite well

O yeah??!!
If you like figuring out signs, then you should try coming over to Wales!!
They are nucking futs!!!!

My favorite is Umtanum.

You have some catchy names on that list.

They all sound like exotic dishes from other lands. ;) My daughter is reading so she would love trying to pronounce those!

What does it say about me that when I read that list of names, I immediately think of Ted Bundy, because he was "active" in many of those towns?

You know what, don't answer that.

Piece of cake! Although I once had an out of town boss who referred to Puyallup as Poo Poo Town after becoming frustrated with the spelling!

Sabrina is right-on about Ireland, but I was thinking we have some good ones in Texas, too.

Like "Nachadogoches." Hee.

I love it up there... a friend of mine lives in that direction and wow I gotta share those pics sometime

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