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May 31, 2007


If you only had said that you were spying on the lighting system at the gas pump... that would have been excellent! ;-)

I see the 'locks o' dread - I DO! I really, really DO!!

Spying can get you shot, if you're not careful - so I totally understand!

Well you sort of got the head in the picture- just!!

Sweetie, never fear. You'll have plenty more time if you're up near Seattle this weekend, lol! Are you headed to the island retreat? Lucky girl. Wave if you pass me on the freeway!

Karmyn, you're hilarious! I can just imagine you working up the nerve to snap this one. Hee!

Well, ceiling pictures do come in handy for spys. Don't they often sneak in through the roof? :)

P.S. Pamela, if you read this, I do visit you and try to leave comments, but it won't let me.

I see dreadlocks?

You are so funny, sis. I wish someone would take secret pictures of me because I have super neat hair. sigh.

Good first attempt!!

You're still learning, my dear!

I got a bit of a creak in my neck.

Was that supposed to happen?

Funny, Karmyn, I took spy pictures of a wedding at the beach! Too funny...these bloggers have waaaayy too much influence on us...or me...or us!

Well if you angle your neck a bit to the left, put your face up really close to the computer screen and squint your eyes you can somewhat see the hairdo!

I am so proud of you! You can do it, go back and try again.

This time maybe we can see some feet? =)

Sweet! I haven't had the nerve to just point the camera at someone and take a photo. What if they see me? I hide when taking all my spy photos. HA! You were so brave. Now I wanna know...were you just holding the camera and taking the photo? I am proud to call you a fellow spy. :)

You have to know lots about air ducts to. I've written extensively about this :)

That's OK. I agree with the others. Try again!!

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