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May 24, 2007


Never been to DisneyLAND but DisneyWORLD is one of the cleanest places on the planet!

How stinkin' cute that Jammin and Buttercup added the safety feature? I need to think like a kid more!

YAY!!! We're hopefully going to go in October for Patrick and Caitlin's birthdays. Have fun!!!

Dear karmyn. Wheelbarrow and a stick? That's interesting practice for Disneyland. What am I talking about? Since when did one need to train to go to Disneyland?? I think you have some excited kidlets on your hands!

You will have so much fun! I love Disney World and I can imagine Disneyland is just as fun. We're going to FL in November to hit the Disney parks.

Those kids are going to have a BLAST!

Ah bless!!! You'll enjoy it so much!!! We took ours to Paris - being over here...Make sure you go on the "People of the World Ride" though. I could have spent all day on that. I'm really excited for you!

I can understand the excitement they are going to have a wonderful time. We'll enjoy seeing all the pictures when you return.

Ooooh lucky you, you'll have such fun.

Hooray for Disneyland!

And really, what more does one need to know except that there are princesses involved?

Hahaha! Those kids are really committed. Sadly none of that will be of any use. If you really want them to be prepared, make them line up and then have them stand there for several hours. That should get then used to the experience.

You are brave taking such a trip with kids so young!

Do you read Kailani at An Island Life? She just came home from Disneyland.

yeah... Kailani flew. on stand by. 9 hours waiting in l.a. whew.

I'm going to win the lotto and meet you there I think. (:

SNORT! Too cute! I can't wait to go too! I'm planning a trip with my brother who lives in MD, it will be in a year or so when we can both save up.

Very exciting!

You have the cutest kids!! They are going to have a blast at Disneyland...

Fun! If I practice, may I tag along on your trip with you?

my mom used to love it's a small world.. We went on that over and over and over. We didn't argue cause it was air conditioned. ;) hope ya'll have a blast!!

Ahh, the obligatory pilgramage to the House of Mouse!! Yes, I see that trip in my future, as well.

Jammin' and Buttercup are just...PRECIOUS!!

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