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May 25, 2007


Okay, just a SWAG, but I'm thinking #5 and #6 are false. Just a hunch...

Great list of eateries. I would love to try the eclectic Asian place. Y'all in the PacNW get all of the great Asian eateries. And Dim Sum? Yum! I'm heading up!

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! This was great.

Oh and I love the story about Philamina and Papa Haydens.

Dear Karmyn. I think that number 1 and number 9 aren't true. I'm just guessing really.. Can't wait to find out what the answers are! Hmm I like the five favourite places to eat meme. It might be a good way for me to get some info in about the eating scene in Kyiv.

I'm just no good at guessing (I did think about bribing your mother to give me a clue!) so random guess 2 & 8 although I could imagine you having fun in a Japanese game show!

I think I'll go for 4 and 6. And could you please try and post the answers before Thurs because I'm dying to know!

Hey, where'd my comment go? I swear I was the first to post yesterday, and now...vanished. I'm tellin' ya the internet just is not my friend these days.

So...Karmyn... I didn't tag you to do the 7/8 things meme. I'm tired of listing all those things, aren't you? And thinking, as more thinking blog awards. Who wants to think on a holiday weekend, anyway?

No, what I wish for you to do is list three funny blogs...A funny blog tag. Because who couldn't use a good laugh? And one doesn't need to think for laughing.

As for what you did and didn't do...well, I already know from Dan's blog that you had some sort of encounter with the law on a first date, so #1 must be true. I'll say 3 & 4 are your falsies, but only because you look like a general's daughter, and as such you were no doubt swimming with the Persian Gulf bomb squad. Those two are most definitely true!

Just coming here once more darling & how your picture makes me laugh.
Great tickle. :-)

enidd's going to plump for 2 and 6! and do tell quickly...

If I had to take a guess, I would say you were never captured by drug lords. Other than that, they all seem pretty feasible. .. can't wait to hear the answers!

I was going to say 4 and 6, but those are taken. No, I will stick with 4 and 6. I hope that you were not captured by drug lords. If you were, I am glad that you are free.

Mmmmmm... those restaurants sound yummy!!! And I think 5 and 6 were you fake answers.

a frat house? heheh, I bet that was an interesting week.

I think the drug lord kidnapping isnt true....

You are too funny sis!! Great post!

Hubers is also known for their turkey dinners, people! Great place to have Thanksgiving if you don't feel like cooking!

xoxo sis

:)...missed you and this was fun to come back to...

Off to read your answers!

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