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May 21, 2007


What a wonderful tribute. She would have been so proud.

I agree, great tribute. Looks like you can add poet to your resume...

That was so beautiful

Very well done. That was meaningful - a tribute.

It flowed and I followed. I have found this poem to be the one that I could most easlily create a mental picture. (I'm not sure that made sense...)I could pictue the agates and the places.

Nice drawing!

Absolutely lovely. It creates such a nice picture.

Aw what a beautiful tribute. I'm sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing. No doubt she is smiling from above at these wonderful memories.

Wonderful! Just wonderful! The drawing and the poem. She sounds like she was also wonderful! I hope you keep that poem tucked away somewhere with her photo. Very sorry to hear of her passing.

Simply beautiful.
Next week is all yours to host! Thanks!

What a fantastic, poignant poem - I can just see the sun shining thru the agate.

What a sweet remembrance...just beautiful.

Karmyn that beautiful tribute reduced me to tears.

Very poignant, and the verse was good too.

You have the best kind of poem, one that tells a story. Well done, Karmyn

You have written the best kind of poem, one that tells a story and is a tribute too. Well done, Karmyn

Oh, Karmyn...that was simply beautiful! You brought me to tears.

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Sorry, she's done...

Oh that was just lovely.

Beautiful tribute, Karmyn. How wonderful for you that you have those memories, even if your grandmother didn't at the end.

BTW, I bet there are few people who know how to properly pronounce "Sequim." I do!

This is a great poem. I like the activity, the feelings, and the images that this brought to my mind.

Very sweet poem. And I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your grandmom. Hugs to you. You and she are in my thoughts and prayers.

That is really sweet Karmyn. And I'd like to think that in spite of her disease, she remembered those treasured moments with you on a cellular level. (or a cosmic level, depending on how you think about it.) I'm sure they were as engrained in her as they are engrained in you.

And I'm sure she was and is proud of the woman you are.

That is an amazing poem.

What a wonderful post. I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. I lost my paternal grandma over the winter, she had alzheimers too.

What wonderful memories you have!

Grandmas are never with us long enough. Beautiful words with the perfect illustration!

Sorry to hear about your grandma, what a lovely poem though.

I really enjoyed that poem. I'm so sorry your grandma passed away. It sounds like you two really enjoyed each other.

Very nice tribute. Take care.

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