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April 04, 2007


Thanks for taking up the challenge and introducing me to some new blogs. Do you think you could also extend the number of hours in my day?

Not another one!!! I have just finished posting about this very thing.

I'm with Beccy, more hours, please?

But, truly,'re one of my favorite things about blogging:). You've been a consistent friend, and that means something. I'm pretty sure we met over my new oven, too, lol. Tad installed it...I think you said something about your hubby, too. From then on, it was true love (b/t me and you? us and our husbands? you'll have to figure that one out on your own).

Thanks for this little blognod :). I know most of the time I write fluff :/, but the other stuff is there, too (I'm too a.d.d. to write it most of the time). Glad you've been around long enough to "see" that side of me. {{hugs!}}

You nailed them...

Congratulations :)

I enjoy the blogs you tagged--good choices.


I'm due to post mine and there will be overlap of nominees I'm afraid.


this is not easy... it's been going around for a while and the ones I would consider "thinking" blogs are pretty well taken up... but I'll try to put something together.. thanks..i think lol

Congratulations on your award! i nominated Robin too. :D

Thank you so much for the award! I treasure it already.

I am looking forward to looking at the other blogs you've tagged that I haven't ever visited. I'll do that right after I make split pea soup.

By the way, I've been meaning to do this for a while, I finally blogrolled you. (I get lazy about fixing up my links).

Third times a charm...go to my place when you have time.

Last night I prayed, "Lord please send me an encourager." I said the words outloud. It was part self pity and part really wanting a person in my life who speaks positive over me.

Thank you my new blogging friend.

I nominated you, too! You've been doubly or maybe triply nominated!

Thanks for not tagging me. I have no time these days.

With sincerity and humility, thank you, Karmyn. This really means a lot to me.

Oh congratulations Karmyn!!

I didn't know about this. It's one award that I rpobably never wouyld be awared. Now if there were one for flippancy or getting successfully cross with organisations I might......... but well done YOU!!!

congrats!! will have to go check out those blogs;)

Congratulations!! I THINK all you people THINK pretty!!

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