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March 12, 2007


Wow ! What an interesting combination of flavors and I like them all. theHansMan loves salmon, so I'm always looking for new ways to prepare it. Can't wait to surprise him with this one. Thanks.

typepad didn't remember me this time.
I can't get over all the yummy food pictures out there.

My fat cells are pulsating.

hmm, enidd loves salmon, but she's got to admit this sounds weird, uh, she means, interesting. :-)

As you can tell by my question to you and my theme for Fun Monday I rather like food. Salmon and Jam interesting combination, looks very good so I must try it out. I love the ease of these recipes.

Tt sounds good and easy to cook recipe!Thank you!

Okay...we like seafood and I like easy and gourmetish. This fits the bill. I will think of my favorite friend in Oregon when I make it :).

Does it smell when you're cooking it? When I make salmon, I usually do it outside (on the grill) b/c of the oils burning off--I wouldn't try salmon for the longest time b/c of the smell; once I understood what it was, I gave it a whirl and was glad I did.

I love salmon anything. Only if my husband and kids would eat it too...

Yay for salmon! Sounds like a great recipe--wonder if blackcurrant jam would work, too! I'll have to try it out!!!

Yay! Finally a recipe I can make in my sleepy mid-western town. I can get salmon and the Amish are always selling fresh blackberry jam.

That looks great! We eat a lot of salmon in my house, I will have to try that soon!

Oh, Karmyn... what's wrong with me?? I can't bear the thought of mixing fruit and meat (or fish) together. Give me jam... yummy, give me meat or fish... fantastic! But give them to me mixed together... and I'd rather go to the dentist and have a cavitity filled with no anesthetic!!

Okay, I can admit it... I'm a freak!

I love salmon. I'm totally going to try that recipe.

I'm with Jodi!! I don't like the idea of sweet and salty. Ugh!

Salmon, mmmm!! But blackberry sauce?? Now that does sound interesting! Will make this soon!

Mmm, sounds good, thanks. My DH is quite the fisherman, so we'll have to try this next time he brings salmon home.

I bet my husband would abosultly love this receipe!!!

I am curious to try it and see how the French take to sweet and salty mixed together. I'll let you know what they think.
Easter will have a new main dish! Viva la Difference!

Salmon is one fish that the kids like and I really like both salmon and blackberries so I will definitely have to try this one!!!

I am not a fish eater - but my boyfriend is. I will be making this for him...what do you serve it with?

Oh - and your comment says you like pork chops?!? I have one more way - I will post the recipe soon. Super good and so easy.

Ooh, this looks yummy Karmyn! I'll have to try it.

oh wow - now this one looks good! and, despite Mr.Q's allergy issues, he can even have this! I'm saving it - anything with salmon is a great dish :)

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