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October 07, 2012


You poor thing. That must have been so horrible for you. I hope you are healing well and resting up now. Hugs xoxox

Get well soon! Glad that Zeus is back.

So good to read your post..glad you are ok and the Zeus is safe at home. Just goes to show you how fast things can happen..fine and dandy one evenin g and then in the hospital the next..scary.. Take good care of you and rest! :)

I just knew about the appendicitis - not the rest... OMG, I know how awful it feels to not be able to find your animals, especially the old ones. You always worry that they've gone off to die alone and you never know what happened to them (this has happened to me twice!). The birthday sounded awesome though. Just not what followed. I'm glad you went on to the hospital and got that taken care of. Ignoring that would have been VERY BAD. Quick recovery, please!!!

glad that you are better, glad that Zeus is back (I live in fear of that day) and in awe that you managed to stave off appendicitis until after Buttercup's birthday. What a good mom!

Wow...well, I'm glad that everything turned out ok in the end, but yes, I doubt you will forget that day!

So glad you are better and that Zeus is home. I've never had an appendicitis attack, but I have had a lost dog...several times. Such a forlorn feeling. Happy Belated Birthday, Buttercup.

You left out the part about being under your new insurance for 24 hours!!

Oh my, I too and glad you are okay! And the dog of course!

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