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March 09, 2012


for the night accidents? I got a couple of these cool things from Target that lay over the bed. Of course mine pees 'down' most of the time if there's an accident, but they cover 90% of the width of a twin bed and about 2 ft. in length, so it's a good area, I have 2 or 3? they're easy just to take off and put a new one on after an accident. that way, all the sheets don't typically need washed. other than that? holy heck! are the oldest kids old enough to start helping yet? I did my own laundry at 13 (which meant one less load for mom). we do the same thing for towels. I tend to have more issues with jeans after having kids than my husband, they don't fit and aren't 'fresh' so to speak, so he wears his several days and I wear mine 1x usually. I hope you at LEAST get help folding all that stuff! Nightmare!

Good grief! The numbers are just downright depressing...I'll send you a bottle!

I am always shocked by the piles every weekend. I think if I figured it out the way you have, I'd be pretty darned depressed. Of course, it does give me a good excuse to makeover the laundry room as I'll be spending lots of time in there...

I have often wonder how i get so many loads of laundry, I usually throw in a load on a daily basis just to keep

Now that you broke it down that way, now i know

Very good analysis. And funny. I just finished the last load but by this evening there will almost be enough for for another load. Vicious cycle.

You need a STRONG drink! Imagine the savings and positive environmental impact of becoming nudists. I'm not endorsing that, just noting the savings. Hang in there!

You forgot to mention all the clean clothes that get taken out of the drawers and tossed aside and not returned -- that end up in the kids hampers. ha ha

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