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September 15, 2007


Your piggy is cute.
I did it too but didn't get it posted on my blog. Maybe another time. It was pretty accurate, well except for the last part. I'll just leave that one up for imagination!

I love it- now that does look like a pig, thanks for joining in :)

That pig has no idea what's gonna happen next!

(you little trollop, you!) :)

I'd do this but.. I can't draw self portraits! (sheesh.. of all things! a Pig! gimme a break!)

That pig looks like it's got a mischievous little glint in his eye!

I LOVE your new header!

The pig has a good grin on its face, does it know what's coming?

Ooh Karmyn, I love the new header! I'm off to try this.

We have a lot in common, according to the piggy test! I like your tail better - mine looks like a chiuahua.

I'm going with the OR option

I can't draw for squat, so I wonder what it would say about me?

Love the new header - too cute!

Perfect video, I cannot imagine a better time with fellow bloggers.

Okay, I went ahead and did what you said and asked your husband what he thought of your sex life. He said he was VERY pleased and that you have a secret freaky side none of us know about. ;)

Sorry, Pamela, lol!

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