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April 20, 2007


That's so funny!!

But I have to agree with you... it doesn't matter how many times you wash them... they are still someone else's underwear!!

This may make me shallow, but, EW creepy dead guy clothes. Shudder. I don't think I would have had the will to go through the bags of stuff, so kudos to you.
Just in case, I'm going to check with my DH tonight to make sure we are clear on the panty issue as well.

Too funny! But it's also funny that you're giving those same socks and underwear to Goodwill for someone else to wear. I have to agree though, the thought of my husband wearing someone else's underwear.... EWWWW, not a visual I can handle.

Socks? Maybe. Underwear? Definitely not.

BTW - you should go buy yourself new panties.

Oh, and why are men's undergarments called "underwear" when women's undergarments are called "panties?"


I'm so with you on not wearing anyone elses underwear, or anyone else wearing mine!

haha!! things I never thought about!! Now you've given me more reason to clean up this mess of mine...LOL

Buy new panties and wear ONLY Panties for 2 nights while you sleep. See what happens.

My inlaws do the same thing. What's up with them? With them it's coats. I have so many coats and jackets in my entry way closet that sometimes you can't shut the door! How many jackets do we need? Brian says, "they are for company." Hmmm.. that doesn't make much sense either.

A compelling argument for going commando ;)!

Um, sounds like someone needs to get to the Victoria's Secret, Karm.

Seriously. Gross.

It's just bad Karm-a.

men, why are they like this?

It isn't so much the grossness of used underwear that gets to me, it's that it's so depressing.

being the youngest of 8 ... on a barely just making it farm... I never knew any different. When my sis's grew taller, I got whatever didn't fit and wore it.

What's that old saying:

Use it up. Wear it Out. Make it do, or do without!!! R.E.C.Y.L.E


LOL. I agree. I would never wear someone else's.

Yet my youngest boy (age 4) thinks it's cool to get his big brother's underwear, LOL.

Just this morning my boys had a major fit because somehow the 7 yr old ran out of clean undies and had to wear a pair belonging to the 9 yr old. Yuck. The 7 yr old wasn't happy about it, and I'm sure the 9 yr old will NEVER wear them again.

ok i can deal with all of that cept the used underwear.. ewwww thats just wrong.. and I agree sounds like a good reason to go to victorias secret;) BTW there stuff does last for e v e r...

I do wear my mom's makes me feel better sometimes..

This is an issue I've had with MDW for years. She keeps trying to throw out my underwear, and I keep telling her they only smell like someone has died in them.

Burn dem panties, girl.


Krazee Eyez Killa

Up until moments ago, I wanted to be buried with my shoes. Now, I want to be buried with my shoes and my panties.

I always debate about giving the kids barely worn under pants to goodwill when they out grow them.

But I see your point. I want mine burned!!

ha ha very funny but I agree underwear is not for recycling except maybe for young kids.

I once made my ex-husband promise to immediately throw out all undergarments and any old/comfy jammies/t-shirts/shorts after I had seen a tv show where the lady died and friends came over to "visit" for a memorial service and ended up going thru her closet. I vowed then and there that none of my friends would see my old, full of holes, etc t-shirts and shorts and my undies.

This is too funny.

And yet, funnier still, is that this is the second blog I've read tonight featuring a story about panties. Specifically getting rid of panties! LOL! What are the odds?

Oh, I agree. Something just doesn't seem right about wearing someone elses underwear.

Oh, yes...that defintely falls into the ICK category! LOL...some people's families =)

Ahhh, hand me down undies... I remember those days- with great distaste.

You have holy panties? maybe you could sell them on ebay. The grilled cheese lady made a lot of money ya know. ;)

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